Server Info
Players Online: 6
Accounts: 2119
Characters: 2202

Version 83
Experience Rate: x4 - x20
Meso Rate: x2
Drop Rate: x2


Client Download
Game Files (Google Drive)
Game Files (Mega)

NEW Client & Launcher
Having trouble? Visit our #troubleshooting Discord!

Installation & Windows Defender

Preperation - Downloading the Game Files

>Download the Game Files
>Download the New launcher
>Create a folder - this folder will be your game directory.
>Proceed to adding an exclusion
Note: Do not extract the Game Files yet! Windows Defender might delete your client.

Step One - Add an exclusion to Windows Defender (Windows 10)

>Open Windows Defender Security Center.
>Select 'Virus & threat protection'.
>Select 'Virus & threat protection settings'.
>Scroll down and select 'Add or remove exclusions'.
>Next add the game folder to the exclutions.

Step Two - Add an exclusions any other Anti-Virus you have (Optional)

>Add the folder to the exclusions aswell.
>If you don't know how, please use google or kindly ask in the discord server

Step Three - Starting the game

>Move to your *Excluded* game directory
>Right click the archive > Extract here
>Start Launcher.exe login and update!
>When done, simply press the "Start" button and enjoy!

Note: DO NOT use Chord.exe to start the game

DONE! Enjoy your stay <3