Server Info
Players Online: 6
Accounts: 2119
Characters: 2202

Version 83
Experience Rate: x4 - x20
Meso Rate: x2
Drop Rate: x2

Update Information | Posted by Maxi on 04.23

Changed at @time 6:00AM 23/04/2020

  • Bosses with respawn timer now have random respawn rate, ranging from 10% to 100% of original value
  • Players who are EXPLORERS as last rebirth can over level up to level 250. EXP rate is 1x.
  • Removed @convert completely -Several newly found exploits patched
  • Pap quest glitch patched
  • Fixed bug with @gm command

Following Restart (00:00 @time - 24/04/2020

  • Fixed bugs with permit store.
  • Permit store won't be removed upon use anymore.
  • AP Reset added to Duey
  • Infinite Owl of Minerva added to Duey

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