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Version 83
Experience Rate: x4 - x20
Meso Rate: x2
Drop Rate: x2

Update Information | Posted by Maxi on 05.07

Party/Exp (New info about leeching and level differences)

  • Fixed some un-mentioned bugs with EXP distribution
  • Players will now get party size bonuses unrelated to level difference.
  • Solo player won't be able to gain EXP from killing high level mobs (30+ levels)
  • Players in party that hit the mob 30 levels above them, still wont get EXP.



  • Duey will give you a TP rock / Owl / Miumiu if you don't have one.
  • Fixed bug with Duey (Storage)
  • Fixed multiple bugs with 1st/2nd Explorer job adv. NPCs
  • Fixed bug with job advancement after rebirth
  • Fixed multiple bugs with Cygnus job NPC
  • Rebirth NPC now asks for confirmation before rebirth


  • @skills / @jobs command remade

Note: you can still use @skills [id]

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